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1 Percent Clique

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About the Author: Misti Cain is a marketing professional and author with a passion for writing, music, dance and art. Born and raised in Central California, Misti currently resides in Southern California. 1 Percent Clique is her first published novel.

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About the Novel: 1 Percent Clique centers around the mysterious entrepreneur, Jeslyn Kennedy. Who she is, where she came from, and why there’s a risqué photo of her in the personal effects of a comatose, high-profile business mogul are questions without answers. That is, until one phone call from Jeslyn herself to Katya Houston, Assistant Reporter Level I for GFS Magazine, sets in motion a series of events that will result in one of the most gripping, tell-all interviews. Every secret will be revealed, and every lie uncovered in this captivating tale of a woman chasing the American fantasy.

1 Percent Clique ‘Fictionality’ : Bringing the Story to Life

For anyone who’s ever been heartbroken (aka devastated) after finishing a really good book/movie/series, imagine the euphoria of never having to let the story end. 1 Percent Clique opens the door to this possibility and explores the genre of ‘fictionality’ – importing aspects of a purely fictional world into the real world. Certain characters, businesses and creations referenced in the book either currently exist, or are on their way to existing. The creative endeavors you’ll read about in the novel are lifted directly from its fictional pages and being brought to life; making the fantasy real. Read the story, then become a part of the 1 Percent Clique.