Creating Your Plan of Attract

Hi, We’ve Never Met. Now Give Me Something!

You’ve seen them. They’re on your online social networking sites, at networking events, on your phone, or even at your front door. They’re the ‘Gimme Strangers’. If you haven’t seen them, that might mean you are them. The interaction looks something like this: “Hi, I don’t know you and I’m not trying to get to know you. Now, buy my service. Give me a job. Loan me money.” I know in your head you’re thinking, ‘But I would never do that!’ Oh, au contraire mon frère – you may already have.

You’ve seen them; the ‘Gimme Strangers’. If you haven’t seen them, that might mean (gulp) you are them.

You know you’re a ‘Gimme Stranger’ when:

  1. Your LinkedIn headline is simply a request or an outright demand. (i.e. ‘Out-of-work CPA looking for a job’ or ‘Need funding for a commercial construction project, call me’).
  2. In your mind, marketing is nothing more than cold calling, tele-sales or door-to-door-ing it.
  3. More and more you find your messages getting deleted or marked as spam.
  4. You post in every group, forum, page, blog or social media site you can without any consideration to the site’s intent or other content.
  5. You’re reading this list and making notes of all the “good ideas” offered here.
  6. At networking meetings you fail to ask what other people are doing. Instead, you spend the entire function “selling” yourself and your business.
  7. You don’t ever contribute relevant information in on or offline conversations – no ideas, no news, no help. You’re simply concerned with you and how you can get everyone else to be concerned about you.
  8. All of  your marketing messaging talks about you – your product, your service, your experience, your needs, your sales, your…you get the idea.

Perhaps you’re saying ‘oh no!’ right about now. If so, don’t fret. Let’s talk about how we can get you out of that hideous stigma and into some respectable marketing gear.

Here’s the big secret…it’s about cultivation and relationships. Unless you’re selling water or air or some other necessity that people can’t live without, you’re going to have to build your brand. That means establishing relationships. In order to do that you’re going to have to know who your ideal client is, get to know them and allow them to get to know you. Yes, it’s going to take time, and work, and energy; but if it was fast and easy (say it with us) ‘everyone would be successful at it.’

How to stop being a Gimme Stranger and Build a Loyal Customer Base or Following:

  1. Introduce yourself, but first, get to know those you’re introducing yourself to – learn about who you want to connect with, then interact with them on their level.
  2. Your marketing tactics should almost always answer the question, ‘what can I do for you?’ not ‘what can I get out of you?’
  3. Humble. Good. Desperate. Bad. If you’re presenting your business or service as this down-and-out, needy, victim of the economy you’re doing yourself a disservice. Stick to your strengths and what you can bring to the table.
  4. Speaking of…don’t wait until you’re desperately in need before doing something. Even if you have the greatest job in the world, even if business is booming, network, share and build relationships NOW. That way, if something imminent should occur, you already have resources established.
  5. Research and ask! If you want to do something better or get better results, get out there an learn. And be sure to learn from the best. If you want to be an amazing singer, who are you going to take lessons from – a noted vocal coach, or your neighbor, who is nothing more than a professional shower singer?
  6. More is not always better. Don’t randomly post any and everywhere. Define your ideal demographic first, then reach out to them in arenas where they read, work and/or socialize. You’ll magnify your results. It may feel like you’re missing out on potential customers by not posting your hair salon services on a lawyer forum – after all lawyers need a haircut too, right? – Wrong! Well, yes, they do, but they’re not looking to be pitched about solutions for their split ends on a forum designated for legal news and info.

Do you have an insightful (or hilarious) example of a gimme stranger? Tickle our funny bone in the comments section below and help create a plan of attract.

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